A No Human Is Illegal  screening with filmmaker Richard C. Ledes, Ph.D. offers a forum and a catalyst for constructive and insightful discussions with students and colleagues around the conditions of refugees and undocumented migrants.
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'No Human Is Illegal'

Documentary Screening Event & Discussion

No Human Is Illegal is a personal encounter with the refugees detained on the Greek island of Lesvos as they await a decision from the EU allowing them to stay in Europe or deporting them back to Turkey.  The filmmaker speaks with refugees describing why they left their homes and their goals for the future. He also speaks with residents of the island, with a UN representative stationed on Lesvos, and with international volunteers drawn from religious organizations, from Spanish and Greek lifeguards, from international corporations and from anarchist collectives. A screening of No Human Is Illegal will act as a catalyst for the kind of open discussion vital for the future of free societies.


60 minute film plus a one hour (flexible) conversation between the filmmaker and the audience.

Ledes works on drawing out audience members' own connections to the themes and questions explored in the film. Discussion themes frequently include students' own personal immigration stories, forced migration and displacement, cultural and religious differences, the impact of undocumented immigrants on society, asylum rights, human rights, the rights of women and sexual minorities, causes of forced migration including war, economic hardship and climate change. 


Perfect for campus-wide audiences or classes in the humanities with an interest in:

  • The cultural anthropology of undocumented migrants in Greece, Europe, and the United States

  • Issues around the representation of forced migration

  • Human rights

  • National borders

  • International law

  • The history of refugees and the rise of nationalism in the United States and Europe

  • The work of Hannah Arendt and contemporary scholars and activists who draw on her work in relation to the conditions of refugees in Europe and the United States

Why Now?

The conditions and fate of undocumented migrants and refugees in Europe and the United States has become one of the defining issues of our time. 

The refugees themselves are often presented as helpless and without agency. No Human Is Illegal is structured around conversations carried on  with these same people and with the people with whom they come into contact as they enter Europe.  Likewise an open discussion with students and faculty around the issues raised by the film is an important way to get students to think about these issues that are critical to address for the future of free and democratic societies.


Screening Options


1. Screening + Director Q&A In Person

Introduction and film screening presented in person by filmmaker Richard C. Ledes, Ph.D. for a class or campus-wide, followed by a director-led discussion with the audience.


2. Screening + Director Q&A via Skype

Introduction and film screening presented via video chat by filmmaker Richard C. Ledes, Ph.D., followed by a director-led discussion with the audience.

3. Screening Stream / Digital Download

Stream or download the film for educational or community use.

4. Screening DVD

Purchase a DVD for educational or community use.


No Human Is Illegal (2018)

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